Total Rewards 2.0

Online course with Mike Pritula | 16 lessons online in recording
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  • Attract, motivate, retain!
  • The first Mike's course on Total Rewards appeared in 2017, and now Mike Pritula is releasing an updated version of this course on Total Rewards.
  • More classes, more practice
  • 50% more material than the first version
  • Total Rewards budgeting and performance measurement
  • New elements of Total Rewards and so on

Are these problems familiar to you?
80% of companies face them
  • Candidates are not interested in your company
  • Low flow of incoming CVs, frequent rejections
  • Candidates do not come for interviews
  • High turnover in the company
  • Low motivation, low efficiency and engagement
  • Management is not satisfied with the quality of staff
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Total Rewards is a system to attract, retain and motivate employees based on their needs and expressed in their rewards. It is much broader than just Compensation&Benefits and is a response to the expectations of generations Y and Z

Total Rewards 2.0 course programme

Based on leading competency models CIPD, SHRM, HRCI, World@Work
We open 1 lesson per week
1. Total Rewards, what it includes,
Total Rewards Specialist/Expert/Head role
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Work/life balance
  • Performance management and recognition of achievements
  • Development and career opportunities
  • Employee value proposition (EVP)
  • Link to turnover and retention
  • Global Total Rewards trends
  • What is the role of the Total Rewards Specialist/Expert/Head
2. Developing an aggregate remuneration strategy and linking it to business objectives
  • Link to company strategy
  • Link to company culture
  • Development of guidance on total remuneration
3. Design of Total Rewards elements and their communication within the company
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Communication
  • Evaluation and revision
4. Basics of Compensation and Job Evaluation
  • Philosophy
  • Basic salary
  • Job analysis
  • Analytical and non-analytical methods
  • Linking to the market
  • Salary forks
  • Competencies
5. Salary market reviews
  • Job comparison
  • Correct data collection
  • Sources of information
  • Percentiles and median
  • Target and big picture
  • Mapping positions
  • Choosing a provider
  • Recommendations
6. Post grading and basic pay structure
  • What is grading
  • What is post
  • The step-by-step grading process
  • Pay structure
  • Salary forks
  • Median
  • Pay grades
  • Base pay development
  • Annual review of salaries
7. The basis of remuneration for the sales department
  • Gathering information
  • Total Rewards for the sales team
  • Payment structure for the sales team
  • Valuation metrics
  • Commissions & Bonuses
8. Top managers' remuneration and Global Rewards
  • Salaries
  • Bonuses
  • Shares and options
  • Benefits for top executives
  • Global Rewards
  • Expat work
9. Linking remuneration to efficiency and effectiveness
  • Determining what we pay for
  • Working with budgets
  • Annual review of salaries based on performance
  • Company bonus system
  • Linking with KPI, MBO, OKR systems
10. Cash bonuses
  • Job entry bonus
  • Referral bonus
  • Retention bonus
  • One-off bonuses
  • Project bonuses
11. Benefits and perks. Flexible benefits and Cafeteria Plan. Work-life balance
  • Elements of benefits
  • Health care plans
  • Holidays and sick leave
  • Strategic benefit planning
  • Flexible benefits implementation
  • The evolution of work-life
  • Modern approaches to work/life balance
  • Combating burnout
  • The CIPD well-being model
  • 5 well-being domains
12. Budgeting Total Rewards
  • Salary budgeting
  • Budgeting for new vacancies
  • Salary review budgeting
  • Bonus and bonus budgeting
  • Benefit budgeting
  • Overhead budgeting
  • Taxation
  • Market benchmarks
13. Evaluating the effectiveness of Total Rewards
  • Audit of the company's Total Rewards system
  • Benchmark indicators with the market
  • Employee questionnaires
  • Metrics and analytics in Total Rewards
14. Recognition programmes
  • Programme aims and objectives
  • Monetary and non-monetary options
  • Peer2Peer Recognition using Google as an example
  • Employee of the Month
  • Gamification of Achievement Recognition
15. Linking Total Rewards, EVP and Employer Brand
  • The role of Total Rewards and EVPs in the Employer Brand
  • External communication of Total Rewards
  • Evaluating Total Rewards externally to the company
  • Communication of Total Rewards to external target audiences
16. Career Management, Corporate Culture and the Not Obvious Elements of Total Rewards
  • Careers, grades, levellers and career ladder
  • HiPo work and their fees
  • Talent reward programmes
  • The role of Corporate Culture in Total Rewards
  • Culture mapping and integration into Total Rewards
  • Office
  • Leadership and management
  • Work and work tasks
  • Team
  • Company processes and procedures


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Total Rewards 2.0 training
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Total Rewards 2.0 course - why choose it

Our course was the first and we have already trained 10 groups
15 years of practical experience
Mike has worked for Wargaming, Alfa Bank, TV channel STB, Preply, iDeals. He was responsible for recruitment, training, motivation, remuneration, business partnerships. Created strategies, supervised HR work of several countries, worked with leading consulting companies: EY, KornFerry, DDI, SHL, 280Group, Ecopsy, Hudson and others.
One of the roles was Total Rewards Lead Wargaming CIS
International standards
Mike is the author of the HR competency model built on the best international standards: CIPD, SHRM, HRCI, HCI, World@Work Also represents HRCI in Ukraine and prepares students for international certification. Teaches the Josh Bersin and Dave Ulrich approach and uses Mercer and Deloitte research
10 years in online learning
Transferring knowledge and building skills in Online Courses is a talent not given to everyone. Mike has trained over 5,000 students.
The most up-to-date knowledge
Every year there are many updates in HR, new research, tools, approaches. Books are published, competency models are updated. Mike is an active member of the international HR community and regularly updates his courses

Average Total Rewards Manager salary after the course
16 lessons

To build a full set of skills
50 documents

You will get on the course, which you will be able to use immediately
500 students

Completed Total Rewards training in 10 streams
Who would benefit from this course
Your experience with Total Rewards from 0 to 5 years
No experience of Total Rewards
This course will give you all the basics of how Total Rewards works and enable you to build up your company to a basic level, implement employee benefits
You are a Comp&Ben employee, Total Rewards or HR Generalist
The course will not only give you a full understanding of the Total Rewards role in the company, but will also equip you with a set of useful tools
You are HR Director,
Head of Comp&Ben or
Head of Total Rewards
And you are already facing many different challenges. The course will not be just a toolkit, but a real partner in solving real-world problems
Course author - Mike Pritula
  • No. 1 Opinion Leader in HR in 2019
  • HR Advisor at PeopleForce
  • 15 years in HR Wargaming, Preply, iDeals
  • Top 10 HR in CIS
  • Since 2012 engaged in online training
  • HRCI CIS representative
  • PHRi certified
  • Was the first to launch HRCI online certification preparation courses in Russian
  • HR-soft author and startup consultant
  • More than 700 trained managers on People Partner and Total Rewards courses
  • Author of HR competency model
  • Author of the most comprehensive HR process audit checklist
  • HR person of the year in Ukraine and Belarus
  • More than 100 published articles and presentations
  • Over 1.5 million views
  • Author of a column on
  • Author of "Resume for million" book
  • Trained online HR remotely for over 10 years
  • Conducts webinars for HR

Careers at Total Rewards

Total Rewards Specialist or HR Generalist
Usually a novice professional who is reviewing salaries and introducing simple benefits
Average income $500-$1000
Total Rewards Manager or Head of Compen&Ben (you are here)
This is someone who knows how to budget Total Rewards, implement grading, build forks and create flexible benefits
Average income $1,000-$3,000
Head of Total Rewards (or you are here)
This is an expert who knows how to link company strategy to desired employee behaviour and implement it all into Total Rewards
Average income $3,000-$5,000
Total Rewards Director
This is the person who creates a global competitive advantage in the company and a talent management system through a Total Rewards strategy
Average income $5,000-$10,000
How we teach
Recordered lesson
You watch the recorded sessions at your own pace and study the material. We open 1 lesson per week
Homework checked by the course author
Each webinar has a practical assignment that must be completed in order to graduate. Through learning in the classroom and putting what you learn into practice, as well as feedback from the course author, you don't just listen to lectures, but immediately build skills and develop as a professional
A case study of the participants
We chat on Telegram and discuss participants' cases

Getting a diploma

Students who successfully complete the course assignments will receive a diploma at the end of the course
Who will be with you in the group
In 10 years of online training, Mike has trained employees from companies such as
Student feedback
In my opinion, Mike Pritula is the best at putting normal HR processes in place for an HR person. Come to his course - well, really, you will become a real hr-business partner, not the simulacrum that is common nowadays. And who are hired and fired in packs every three years without seeing any value.
Alena Vladimirskaya
Founder of Antislavery
Mike Pritula's courses are high-quality, structured and perfectly presented knowledge and experience, which, with concrete examples, teach and show how HR is and should be the leading link in a modern company nowadays.
Arthur Mikhno
Co-founder and CEO of
I met Mike when I was head of He suggested that we write some articles about HR. I am glad that I agreed, because I really discovered the whole world of HR - not a boring conventional office of people going through 100500 CVs a year and pampering pampered IT people, but a whole system of motivation and career building.
Slava Baransky
Co-founder of
I took a People Management course with Mike Pritula. I really, really recommend it. Concise, to the point, with specific tasks, and by doing them you are already changing your approach to management. I found answers to many questions that were previously hanging around as unresolved tasks.
Anastasia Karpova
CEO at EdMarket, Netology
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