HR Management in IT

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HR in IT, as opposed to classic HR, is not only the person responsible for building HR systems, but also the person who complements IT managers with their knowledge of people management

Are you aware of such HR problems in IT companies?
  • It is very difficult to understand IT people
  • What worked in other companies does not work here
  • Many new words - Agile, Kanban, Scrum, Options, Onboarding
  • Managers often say "It won't work for us"
  • Managers don't know how to manage people
  • Employees often complain about managers and the company
  • You are an HR manager, but don't know what to do in IT
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Why choose this course
There are many courses on the internet, what makes this one different
15 years of practical experience
Mike has worked for Wargaming, Alfa Bank, TV channel STB, Preply, iDeals. He was responsible for recruitment, training, motivation, remuneration, business partnerships. Created strategies, supervised HR work of several countries, worked with leading consulting companies: EY, KornFerry, DDI, SHL, 280Group, Ecopsy, Hudson, etc. Will pass on all his methods to you on the course
International standards
Mike is the author of the HR competency model built on the best international standards: CIPD, SHRM, HRCI, HCI. He also represents HRCI in Ukraine and prepares students for international certification. He teaches the Josh Bersin and Dave Ulrich approach and uses Mercer and Deloitte research
10 years in online education and training
Transferring knowledge and building skills in Online Courses is a talent not given to everyone. Mike has trained over 2,000 students, over 100 lecturers on his unique methodology, and are now leading lecturers at other online schools
The most up-to-date knowledge and training in IT recruitment
Every year there are many updates in HR, new research, tools, approaches. Books are published, competency models are updated. Mike is an active member of the international HR community, regularly updates his courses
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14 classes

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Trained on the HR Management in IT programme in over 4 streams

HR in IT course programme

Based on leading CIPD, SHRM, HRCI competency models and incorporates experience from Wargaming, Facebook, Google, Tesla, Netflix, Basecamp and other IT businesses
1. Types and structures of IT companies: start-up, product, outsourcing
  • startup
  • product company
  • outsourcing company
  • service company
  • product structure
  • engineering company
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • IТ-company performance metrics: MAU, Convertion, Retention, LTV
2. Who IT people are, their main roles and what they want
  • The portrait of an IT person
  • research on the needs of IT professionals
  • typical roles
  • Generation Z
3. Recruitment and Sourcing in IT
  • sourcing
  • candidate selection
  • recruitment tools in IT
4. Building the employer brand and working with Facebook
  • researching the needs of the target audience
  • developing a value proposition
  • message development
  • communications planning
  • running a corporate Facebook page
  • setting up Facebook ads to engage candidates
5. Adaptation and Corporate Culture
  • job offer
  • preboarding
  • induction
  • onboarding
  • corporate culture Netflix, Slack, Basecamp, Buffer
  • mission, vision, values
  • questionnaire to describe corporate culture
  • corporate culture and work
6. Employee motivation
  • motivation 3.0
  • engagement management with Gallup Q12
  • eNPS
  • Happiness Management
7. Salaries, bonuses and benefits
  • IT grading
  • salary market overviews
  • types of bonuses
  • market practices
8. Benefits and Options in IT
  • which benefits are most in demand
  • market research
  • designing your own package of benefits
  • introduce flexible benefits
  • options - what are they?
  • development guide from Index Ventures
  • development guide from Balderton Capital
  • results of a study on options in the world
9. Performance management and OKR
  • continuous feedback using 15Five as an example
  • OKRs: lessons from Google
  • one-minute manager
10. 1-1 and team meetings
  • Effective 1:1 employee/manager meetings
  • 1:1 HR and staff meetings
  • Organising team meetings
  • All hands meeting
11. HR automation systems, ATS
  • What to automate
  • How to choose a system
  • The most popular automation systems
12. Employee development in IT
  • Training organisation
  • Designing development plans
  • Description of developer levels
  • Launch of online training
13. Training for managers in People Management basics
  • Why IT managers are not good at leadership
  • What IT managers should know, be able to do
  • How HR can help improve leadership in the company
14. Team building in IT
  • Why IT companies hold teambuilding events
  • How teams are built and work together
  • How HR can improve teamwork

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Steps in the course for HR in IT

Webinar recording
You watch the recorded sessions at your own pace and study the material. We open 1 lesson per week
Homework checked by the course author
Each webinar has a practical task that you must do to get a diploma
A case study of the participants
We chat on Telegram and discuss participants' cases remotely

Getting a diploma

Students who successfully complete the course assignments will receive a diploma at the end of the course
After the course
Not only will you learn a complete set of knowledge, skills and tools for HR in IT, but you will also build a system for recruiting, onboarding, motivating, developing and rewarding employees at the level of international IT companies: Google, Facebook, Tesla.

But that's not all.
You will learn to speak the same language as IT people, you will understand how they work, what tools they use, what metrics they are guided by, how they make decisions and what they want. Master IT recruitment and development

And most importantly.
I will teach you how to be a true HR Leader in your IT company who connects employees' interests with business goals and uses the most innovative HR tools

Who would benefit from this course

You have worked for an IT company for 0 to 3 years
No experience in IT
You are a professional and you are new to IT
You want to lay the right foundation for developing yourself as an HR in the IT industry straight away
1-3 years in IT
You have been working in IT for some time
You want to learn HR best practice in IT and get a better understanding of the specifics of the industry
Over 3 years in IT
You have been in IT for a long time and want to systematise your knowledge
You already know enough, but have decided to refresh your knowledge, look at fresh research and practise your knowledge with a mentor
Course author - Mike Pritula
  • Founder of Mike Pritula Academy
  • No.1 Opinion Leader in HR for 2019
  • HR Advisor
  • 15 years in HR Wargaming, Preply, iDeals, Starlightmedia, Alfa-Bank
  • Top 10 HR in CIS
  • Since 2010 engaged in online training
  • HRCI representative in CIS
  • PHRi certified
  • Was the first to launch HRCI online certification preparation courses in Russian
  • HR-soft author and startup consultant
  • Over 5000 trained HR professionals
  • Author of HR competency model
  • Author of the most comprehensive HR audit checklist
  • HR person of the year in Ukraine (2018) and Belarus (2017)
  • Over 100 published articles and presentations
  • Over 2 million views on articles
  • Author of a column on
  • Author of the book "Resume for a million"

Who will be with you in the group
In 10 years of online training, Mike has trained employees from companies such as

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