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Online course with Mike Pritula | 23 lessons online in recording
✍︎Homework check and ⎆Diploma after the course
We open 1 lesson per week
An HR Formula course where you will get all the HR tools ready to use. All you need to do is implement them in your company with the support of the course author. You will go through building processes in your company from A to Z

Who will be with you in the group
In 10 years of online training, Mike has trained employees from companies such as
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You are probably familiar with this problem

The company expects you to have working processes, motivated employees, and solutions to business problems. And it expects solutions quickly and on the first try.

The trouble is, it doesn't work that way.
We all realise that without a systematic approach and the right tools, you cannot get results. But the old tools have outlived their usefulness, and new ones need to be learned.
The question arises: where, how and when?
First option
Go through HR training, a bunch of courses, read books, studies, certifications, conferences and case studies.
Second option
Take off-the-shelf solutions and implement them on a 'take it or leave it' basis
"We will teach you how to set up basic HR processes. We'll teach you how to build your core HR processes. Take our online HR training courses for professionals
If you prefer the second option, we are happy to save you time and give you proven, working tools that have been developed and tested in companies such as Google, Wargaming, Preply, iDeals, TV channel STB, Alfa-Bank and Facebook. You simply take them and immediately implement them in your work.
On a hands-on course, we take you from A to Z through our homework assignments and defending your personal HR project at the end of the course remotely. This is the best distance HR training
Who this workshop course is for
A course that will suit you
You have just joined the company as an HR specialist
You have a lot of work, a million tasks and no idea how to solve them all at all. You urgently need proven tools and help to apply them correctly. From recruitment to HR training to onboarding. You will learn how to become an HR manager
You have been with the company for a long time and understand the basics of your job
You're worried about HR efficiency, but you lack modern, and most importantly, working tools to build quality HR. You are an HR manager and are looking for training and new ways of working
You are an advanced HR
Constantly developing your professional skills, so you want a set of proven tools with which to improve your performance. HR management training is just for you. Learn the new performance appraisal criteria
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How to learn on the course
Recordered lesson 1 per week
You watch the recorded sessions at your own pace and study the material. 1 lesson is available each week
Homework checked by the course author
Each webinar has a practical assignment that must be completed in order to graduate
A case study of the participants
We chat on Telegram and discuss participants' cases
Getting a diploma
Students who successfully complete the course assignments will receive a diploma at the end of the course
Diploma of HR Professional after completing the course
So coveted and valuable
  • Each diploma has a unique code
  • QR code on the diploma leads to the online version
  • Impossible to forge
  • Issued on a certified Accredible platform (the same place where Rosetta Stone, Google, Udacity, Kaplan University and others issue certificates), look at an example
  • Available in Russian and Ukrainian on request
  • Confirms professional development for HR

HR Formula course programme

The programme consists of 23 webinars
We open 1 lesson per week
1. HR Audit of the company's operations
Study of strategy, strategic initiatives, business plans
  • SWOT analysis
  • PESTEL analysis
  • Analysis of HR metrics, policies and procedures

Carry out an audit of your company and compile a report
2. Conducting employee opinion surveys
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Engagement survey
  • EVP survey
  • eNPS questionnaire
Conducting research on employee perceptions in your company and developing an action plan
3. Development of an HR strategy. HR strategic objectives
  • Cascading business objectives
  • Developing hypotheses
  • Definition of strategic priorities
  • Preparation and approval of the document by the CEO
Developing your own HR strategy
4. Starting recruitment: Preparing for the search and recruiting
  • Intake meeting with customer
  • Scorecard development
  • Search strategy development
  • Development of the job pitch.
Preparation of a document template and filling in 1 vacancy
5. Starting recruitment: Searching for candidates
  • Using job sites
  • Social media posting
  • Launch of a referral search
  • Working with opinion leaders.
publishing the vacancy on all resources
6. Starting the recruitment process: candidate assessment and negotiation
  • Competency-based interview
  • STAR model
  • Test cases
  • Techniques for selling a vacancy
developing a job package, preparing a report after the interview
7. Starting sourcing
  • The basics of sourcing
  • Sourcing across channels
  • X-ray
  • Outreach campaign
sourcing candidates for your vacancy
8. Launch of the employer brand
  • Defining the target audience
  • Study of the target audience
  • Develop an employer brand strategy
  • Developing a communication plan
Developing a communication plan for your company, launching social media pages, working with company ratings and feedback
9. Creation of a package of benefits
  • Competitive environment analysis
  • Employee needs analysis
  • Development of the Total Rewards concept
  • Implementation of a cafeteria plan
Developing your own package of benefits for the company
10. Starting adaptation
  • Preparing the adaptation process
  • Description of onboarding
  • Development of a toolkit for the newcomer
  • Launching a mentoring programme
Develop your own adaptation process and all materials based on the templates and examples provided
11 A description of the corporate culture
  • Mission, vision, values research tools
  • Description of behavioural indicators
  • Assessment of the current team
  • Introducing a culture fit into recruitment
Create a presentation on the company's corporate culture
12. Running motivation
  • Analysis of motivation factors
  • Developing tangible incentives
  • Developing intangible motivation
  • One-off bonuses and bonuses
Developing an employee motivation policy in the company
13. Launch training
  • Collection of training needs
  • Formation of a training plan
  • Implementation of PDP (Personal Development Plan)
  • Launching online training in the company
Collect training needs and develop a PDP for staff, launch online training
14. Starting the OKR system
  • Selecting a system
  • Preparation of the training
  • Development of the first OKRs
  • Employee assessment
Running an OKR system in your company
15. Running 1:1 meetings and feedback
  • Developing a meeting format
  • Training for managers
  • Creation of an employee monitoring system
  • Radical Candor
Running a system of 1:1 meetings in your company
16. Launching company communications
  • Introduction of all hands meetings
  • Launch the communications platform
  • Setting up the communication plan
  • Creating a bi-directional communication channel with employees
Conducting the first all hands workplace, setting up a system of regular feedback from staff
17. Launching team meetings
  • Description of meeting standards
  • Training for managers
  • Selection of reporting format
  • List of required meetings
Developing a meeting plan for all teams and presenting it to the Top Managers
18. Automating the work of HR and the company
  • Description of automation requirements
  • System selection
  • Business case for selection
  • Initial system configuration
Choosing a system, going through the demo, customising the system
19. Launching a business partnership
  • Analysis of financial documents
  • Business case development for HR initiatives
  • Conducting internal consulting projects
  • Participation in strategic initiatives
developing and implementing internal consulting business projects
20. Building HR analytics
  • Choice of metrics for analytics
  • Data collection
  • Preparation of first analytical report
  • Development of an action plan to influence the indicators
preparation of the first HR metrics report
21. Writing the Employee Handbook
  • Selecting sections for the employee book
  • Filling the book with information
  • Choose a platform for the book
  • Book design
Create and design your Employee Handbook
22. Launch loyalty and engagement management
  • Building a regular measuring system
  • Training managers in the basics
  • Setting up an action plan
  • Putting the plan into action
designing and running questionnaires, developing a report and action plan
23. Building a pay, grading and bonus system
  • Participation in the salary market review
  • Position grading
  • Building wage forks
  • Developing a bonus system
grading, comparing your salary with the market, setting up a bonus system

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What you will receive as part of the programme

6 months of intensive work
23 sessions of pure practice
HR webinars of 60 minutes each. Looking for HR courses? Online training is the best option!
You'll get over 200 proven tools that the author has tested in a wide variety of businesses and built HR from the ground up. This will provide you with leadership in your work
Ready-made solutions
You won't need to develop solutions such as grading, HR strategy, recruitment policy, referral programme, onboarding programme yourself. You will get ready-to-use solutions straight away on a "take-it-and-do" basis.
We will have many examples and case studies of companies from a wide variety of industries on how they have solved business problems using HR tools. You are sure to find lots of ideas for yourself.
Homework assignments
In your homework, you will adapt all the tools and solutions to your business, and the course author will personally check how you have done it. For example, in the session 'building a pay, grading and bonus system' you will do the grading
Closed chat room
All students are added to a closed Telegram-chat where they can ask questions and get help, share experiences and find like-minded people and friends.
Who is a trainer?

Course author and facilitator Mike Pritula

  • No. 1 Opinion Leader in HR in 2019
  • HR Advisor at PeopleForce
  • 15 years in HR Wargaming, Preply, iDeals
  • Top 10 HR in CIS
  • Since 2012 engaged in online training
  • HRCI CIS representative
  • PHRi certified
  • Was the first to launch HRCI online certification preparation courses in Russian
  • HR-soft author and startup consultant
  • More than 700 trained managers on People Partner and Total Rewards courses
  • Author of HR competency model
  • Author of the most comprehensive HR process audit checklist
  • HR person of the year in Ukraine and Belarus
  • More than 100 published articles and presentations
  • Over 1.5 million views
  • Author of a column on
  • Author of "Resume for million" book
  • Trained online HR remotely for over 10 years
  • Conducts webinars for HR


of the year by Headhunter Ukraine and Belarus

HR leaders by Headhunter


HRCI CIS representative

SkyrocketHR users
2 million

article views on Lifehacker
3000 trained

1000 webinars

Student feedback
The HR-formula course helped me gain a comprehensive understanding of HR work areas, structuring the knowledge that I had, but lived in my head in a fragmented way. Previously I had relied on the experience of my colleagues, and had come to some things based on my own experience, acting on intuition, but now the knowledge that I had accumulated and received on the course was built into a fairly clear system with interconnections and consequences that I was already aware of. The course is invaluable because of the amount of practical advice and materials, i.e. you get not only an idea, but also clear instructions for implementation and use, and great tips and tricks. If there were any questions during homework, Mikhail always clarified and shared additional practical materials. It is clear that not all of the topics could be fully covered in one session, but the direction was given as to where to "dig" if you wanted to go deeper. For me, this was really useful, because previously I could get bogged down and didn't always know which way to look and where to start.
HR-specialist, Forte Group (although I will be HR manager at Exadel in a week)
I am very glad I took the HR Formula course. The programme combines theory and practical cases perfectly. Excellent systematised working tools that give you the impetus for action and initiative right in the workplace. Well-prepared sequential steps to initiate and implement all required HR processes. Test assignments stimulate careful study of the details of each module. Interesting homework assignments only reinforce the acquired knowledge in practice and are working cases for work. An excellent presentation of the material, a lot of easy communication in the live broadcast and private chat, an accessible explanation of the material. A convenient format for lessons. Everything was great! Thank you very much, glad to have met you!
HRD, NovatorStroy
"A course without water" is an absolutely correct and true name for the HR Formula course. If you are not expecting to get theory copied from the free access Google, but to get real practice and learn about new tools, best western HR practices and trends - you are here!
The course is very comprehensive and versatile, but all the information is presented in a clear way and is therefore easy to digest. I received a huge amount of information in all HR areas and saw areas for my further growth as a professional.
Leading Specialist of Personnel Assessment and Development Department, PJSC Donbassenergo
Thank you very much for this course!
The topics of the lectures are well chosen, all the material is presented in an easy, accessible, structured and, very importantly, interesting and without unnecessary "water". From the first lecture "Audit of the company's work" you understand what you have to work on and then in subsequent lectures you get answers to "how" to achieve it.
All the materials, files and links have been put together in a piggy bank, so all that remains is to adapt them to your company and implement them in your work!
HR Director, Numina
Thank you for the opportunity to acquire the precious, irreplaceable resource that is time! Because the course is built on the "take it and do it" principle. Structured, "no water", with lots of checklists and templates, with feedback from the course author himself. It would have taken me considerably more time and practice to get this amount of information, but I got it in 6 months!
Quality manager.
Profi Internet
The course was very useful for me, it wasn't just theory, but also a lot of practice. Everything I learned I was immediately able to apply at work, which is extremely valuable!
HR Formula is a rich, cool course full of insights and examples. Ready-made tools: take it - do it - implement it! Mikhail presents the material in a clear and structured way, all the latest research and developments are already in the course, the information is very relevant and useful.
HRG, Atlant Auto
Convenient private classroom

How human resources management training works

  • All resources: webinar recordings, presentations, supplementary materials, tests, are stored in your personal account.
  • For communication and support, all participants communicate in a closed Telegram chat room.
  • It does not matter where you are from. You're taking HR courses - we all come together online on a single platform.
  • And even if you're interested in HR administration and HR management training, you're better off starting with an HR formula course
  • Homework assessment introduces an element of gamification
  • The system allows for effective learning and getting everything done on time
How the class is going
View a sample session of this course
Will there be a recording of the class if I don't come online?
Yes, all classes are recorded and available for viewing in your personal account
Can the company pay for me?
Yes, we provide all documents: invoices, contracts, certificates, and all payments are made officially through the bank
I am in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, how do I pay?
We have students from all over the world and we accept payments from any country. Email us at, and we will suggest the most convenient method of payment for you
Does it not overlap with Mike's other courses?
No, on the contrary, this course complements the other courses.
If it is unrealistic to implement all the tools in a company, what to do?
Take individual modules, on tools that you can implement. But it is better to take the whole course, as things may change in your company or you may change the company. You will be able to sell yourself more expensively as you will have more HR tools.
And yet what is the basis of your course? How is it better than others?
The course is based on research on personnel effectiveness by the world's leading companies: Google, Netflix, Facebook, research institutes Gallup, Deloitte and psychologists: Daniel Pink, Christina Maslach, Maslow and others
Who will help me on the course?
After each lesson you will have homework, which the course author will check and give detailed feedback.
How does the training go?
  • The course is built entirely around solving practical problems based on theory - which comes not from books, but from real life, and has been tested through years of practice.
  • Materials are a lecture outline in PDF slide format, additional materials (checklists, templates, example documents, questionnaires, ...), a webinar video and homework of 3 levels of complexity - to choose from.
How are we better than other courses?
Unlike other courses, the author of this one is an active practitioner who has built more than one successful team and company, written a book on the job search, and regularly conducts coaching sessions for his clients
Is it really in demand?
Yes, the HR profession is more in demand now than ever before. It used to be possible to buy expensive equipment, build a factory or a shop and make money, but today the whole success of a business depends solely on people and only HR knows how to recruit, motivate, train and retain them
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