Modern Recruiter

Recordered online course with homework checked by Mike Pritula
8 lessons to complete the course and obtain a diploma
✍︎ Homework check and ⎆diploma after the course
We open 1 lesson per week

Who is a recruiter?

This is the person who starts every company. After all, he or she is the one who brings in all those employees who then ensure the effectiveness of the business
It's time for you to learn this profession
Today it is the most in-demand HR profession -
HR recruiter
After the training, you will
Become a professional
You will learn what professional recruiters do and what inexperienced recruiters do not
You will be able to close vacancies
You will receive a complete set of tools for successful closing of vacancies
You will find the first candidates
In the course you will find the first candidates and interview them
Get some respect
Your management will appreciate the level you have reached
Become a Recruitment Ace
With the right foundations in place, you'll be in the top ranks within a year
Enhance the brand
Learn how to look professional in the marketplace
Do you want to be the part of the global HR group?
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A practical online course for hiring managers

In 8 lessons you will have mastered the profession and will be able to fill vacancies

Course Stages

Recordered lesson
You watch the recorded sessions at your own pace and study the material. We open 1 lesson per week
Homework checked by the course author
Each webinar has a practical task that you must do
A case study of the participants
We chat on Telegram and discuss participants' cases remotely

Getting a diploma

Students who successfully complete the course assignments will receive a diploma at the end of the course

Recruiting Course Program

The program consists of 8 webinars. We open 1 lesson per week
Class 1. Preparation for the search. Selection Application and Candidate Profile
  • Who is a recruiter. Competency model for a modern recruiter
  • The ideal recruiting process from A to Z and key success factors
  • Searching for candidates and building a funnel
  • Recruiting automation tools, ATS
  • Gathering information from hiring manager for job description

  • Building a search strategy
2. Searching for candidates from different sources
  • Internal and external searches
  • Channels of candidate search: from Job sites to social networks
  • The right job description
  • Choice of channels depending on the job
Conduct a search for candidates for your position in various sources and generate at least 30 qualified candidates
3. Search for candidates on Linkedin, Facebook and Telegram sending requests
  • Getting to know Linkedin
  • How to see more profiles
  • How to find candidates: from standard search to best practices
  • Search with search operators
  • X-ray search
  • Working with Facebook
  • Job advertising
  • How to search on Telegram

Homework (options):
  1. Find 30 candidate profiles on Linkedin
  2. Make a promotional post on Facebook
  3. Find 5 Telegram chats for your industry
4. Ways of evaluating candidates
  • What assessment methods are available
  • Types of interviews
  • Telephone/Zoom/Skype assessments
  • Tests and quizzes
  • Assessment by hiring manager

Homework (options):
  1. Develop questions to assess the candidate
  2. Develop a test assignment for the candidate
5. Conducting interviews with candidates
  • What is the language of competencies
  • STAR and CARE competency assessment techniques
  • Structured interview and its stages
  • How to know the salary expectations of the candidate
  • Scorecard development: candidate scorecards

Homework (options):
  1. Conduct an interview with a candidate using one of the techniques
  2. Develop a competency profile with indicators and questions for your position
6. Identifying motivation and selling the vacancy
  • How to understand what the candidate really wants
  • Techniques for dealing with socially desirable answers and lies
  • How to sell a job at different stages of the search
  • Writing a sales text of the job and the text of the letter
  • Preparing to sell a job at the interview
Homework (options):
  1. Create selling text jobs
  2. Create a sales letter text
  3. Create a text to sell the job at the interview
  4. Assess the candidate's motivation for the interview
7. Organization of the entire recruiting process
  • Steps for effective recruiting
  • Where mistakes are most often made
  • How to work effectively with a hiring manager
  • What if the salary is below candidates' expectations
  • Reporting to management
  • Analytics and metrics in recruiting

Homework (options):

  1. Count the analytics in your process
  2. Prepare a report for management
  3. Describe the company's recruiting process
8. Job offers and candidate adaptation
  • What is a Job offer
  • How to develop it
  • How to make candidates accept it
  • Support during the dismissal
  • Working with the counter-offer
  • Preparing for the candidate's exit
  • The adaptation of the candidate in the company

Homework (options):
  • Prepare a Job offer
  • Develop a candidate onboarding checklist
  • Develop an adaptation checklist for the candidate
Diploma of Sourcing Professional after completing the course
So coveted and valuable
  • Each diploma has a unique code
  • QR code on the diploma leads to the online version
  • Impossible to forge
  • Issued on a certified Accredible platform (the same place where Rosetta Stone, Google, Udacity, Kaplan University and others issue certificates), look at an example

Payment - early birds

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We recommend that you pay immediately after registering for the course
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Who is suitable for a course for recruiters
A course that's right for you
You have no experience at all
You are interested in recruitment. You are a student who wants to learn the profession of a recruiter and earn decent money. Our course will take you through all the basics of recruitment and prepare you for your first job
You have not worked in recruitment
You already have experience, but recruiting is something new to you. The course will give you all the tools you need to close vacancies, and homework assignments will help you get real practice
You have just become a recruiter
You may have already taken the first steps, but it's not a fact that they have been successful. The course will help you do things right and improve your chances of closing the vacancies you are managing right now

What you will get as part of the recruitment training programme

Intensive course work
In the course you are not a passive listener, but actively participate in chat during the class and between classes, and practice all the knowledge you have learned and receive feedback from the course author
You will receive a large number of proven tools that the author has tested in a wide variety of companies, many of which have been developed personally, as well as examples from top companies
Ready-made solutions
You don't have to develop all the solutions yourself. You will get ready-to-use solutions straight away, on a "take-it-or-leave-it" basis. Your only task is to adapt all the tools you receive to your company
We will have many examples and cases from companies in a wide variety of industries of how they have solved business problems using sourcing tools. You are sure to find many ideas for yourself
Homework assignments
In your homework, you will adapt all the tools and solutions to your business, and the course author will personally check how you did it.
Chat room
All students are added to a dedicated Telegram-chat where they can ask questions and get help, share experiences and find like-minded people and friends.
Who leads?

Course author and facilitator Mike Pritula

  • No. 1 Opinion Leader in HR in 2019
  • HR Advisor
  • 15 years in HR Wargaming, Preply, iDeals, Starlightmedia, Alfa-Bank
  • Top 10 HR in CIS
  • Since 2010 in online training
  • HRCI representative in CIS
  • PHRi certified
  • Was the first to launch HRCI online certification preparation courses in Russian
  • HR-soft author and startup consultant
  • Over 5000 trained HR professionals
  • Author of HR competency model
  • Author of the most comprehensive HR audit checklist
  • HR person of the year in Ukraine (2018) and Belarus (2017)
  • Over 100 published articles and presentations
  • Over 2 million views on articles
  • Author of a column on
  • Author of the book "Resume for a million"

HR persona

by Headhunter Ukraine and Belarus

HR leaders by Headhunter


HRCI CIS representative
Student feedback
I am a new person in this environment. Initially, I didn't even believe I could do it. I decided to give it a try. Everything is explained very simply, with supplementary material. Not all of the homework was easy. But the team pointed out the shortcomings and how best to correct them! I hope this experience will help me in the future!
Cirque Du Soleil Performer
I am very satisfied that I chose to study at Mike Pritula Academy. Firstly: the knowledge I gained helped me to reflect on and systematise my experience in recruitment. Secondly: There was a lot to learn, in particular the structured interview method, using competencies. Many thanks for the individual approach to checking homework. I am not afraid to say that I enjoyed the class intellectually. Thank you very much Mike and the whole team.
I met Mike when I was head of He suggested that we write some articles about HR. I am glad that I agreed, because I really discovered the whole world of HR - not a boring conventional office of people going through 100500 CVs a year and pampering pampered IT people, but a whole system of motivation and career building. Misha's recruitment courses are definitely the best
Slava Baransky
Co-founder of
I took a People Management course with Mikhail Pritula. I really, really recommend it. Concise, to the point, with specific tasks, and by doing them you are already changing your approach to management. Found answers to many questions that had been previously hanging as unresolved tasks. Human resources manager training here.
Anastasia Karpova
CEO at EdMarket, Netology


How a course on recruiting works

All resources: webinar recordings, presentations, supplementary materials, are stored in your personal account.

For communication and support, all participants communicate in a dedicated Telegram chat room.
How the class is going
View a sample session of this course
Will there be a recording of the class?
Yes, all classes are recorded and available for viewing in the Student account
Can I pay from a legal entity?
Yes, we provide invoices and all payments are made officially through the bank
I am in the USA, Germany, Switzerland, how do I pay?
We have students from all over the world and we accept payments from any country. Email us at and we will suggest the most convenient payment method for you
How difficult is that?
You need a computer and internet access to get started, no special training is required
I have never been involved in recruitment
No problem, this course is designed for first-time recruiters
Who will help me on the course?
After each lesson you will have homework, which the course author will check and give detailed feedback.
How does the training go?
1. The course is built entirely around solving practical problems based on theory - which comes not from books, but from real life, and has been tried and tested over years of practice.
2. Materials will be available to you. Materials are lecture notes in PDF slide format, webinar video, and homework of different levels of difficulty - your choice. For homework you will use your real cases, with the opportunity to receive constructive feedback and work on mistakes from the lecturer. We will also offer you our own cases to sharpen your skills.

How are we better than other courses?
Unlike other courses, the author of this one is a current practitioner who has built more than one recruitment department and is an opinion leader in the fields of HR and Recruitment.
Is it really in demand?
Yes. Look at how many recruitment jobs are on job sites and the compensation for them
What would it take to train me?
A computer and internet access, the rest we will give
Who will be with you in the group
In 10 years of online training, Mike has trained employees from companies such as
Contact us in any way you like: