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Certificate GPHR™
So coveted and valuable

  • Confirms the highest level of HR expertise
  • Opens the door to new career horizons
  • Enhances your value in the marketplace
  • Allows you to sign up for GPHR™ in mail, publications
  • Makes you one of the few to receive it

HRCI – is the world's most respected international certification institute, headquartered in the USA.
This is where the standards for all HR professionals around the world have been shaped for over forty years. The Institute itself is an independent non-profit organization that always strives to develop the best global HR practices, and the HRCI certificate confirms the knowledge and experience of specialists.
To get the certificate, you have to pass an exam at PearsonVUE, an international assessment centre.
We are proud of our students
  • The photographs show examples of successful examinations.
  • Most students pass the exam with grades significantly above average, indicating a high level of preparation
  • Only one student out of over 30 failed the exam and admitted that he/she simply did not prepare well
  • The average pass rate for our courses is 1.5 times higher than the average of all courses
  • Students report that no additional preparation is required beyond what they receive on the course
  • Most students reported that the exam was easier than the studies, which demonstrates how well the course material was absorbed
  • All students reported that the exam and preparation advice they had received was useful
  • Read student feedback at the bottom of the site
  • You too can pass the exam
HRCI® in numbers
The most respected certification and qualification in the world. No.1 in the HR community
500'000 certificated
issued worldwide
45 years
history and trust
$19,712 higher
annual salary after certification
25% higher
increased income for the company where the certification holders work
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GPHR preparation course programme

The training consists of 10 webinars in which we will cover 18 topics and discuss the finer points of the exam
The programme is based on the HRCI® GPHR™ competency model and is fully compliant with international standards.

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Please note that the price only includes the exam preparation fee and all materials.
The exam itself costs $595
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How the course goes
Recordered lesson

You watch the recorded sessions at your own pace and study the material. We open 1 lesson per week

Passing tests
After each lesson, you are tested on the material. You can retake the tests to practise
Studying the synopsis
For each webinar, there is a lecture notes to refresh your knowledge and help you prepare for the exam
Registration for the exam
We will show you how to register for the exam so that everything goes smoothly and solve problems if there are any
What is the basis for preparing for certification
What makes our GPHR (Global Professional in Human Resources) course unique
  • HRCI® competency model
    We are based on the competency model published by HRCI®, all knowledge gained is fully relevant to those assessed in the exam
  • International experience
    You will learn the world's leading HR practices, enabling you to work in any international company
  • Linking with local practices
    The training will be accessible, as we will draw analogies with our practices, which will allow you to better absorb the material, as well as help you to apply it in your own company
We prepare for all certifications
They differ in experience requirements and price. Click on the one you are interested in to go to the page
After attending the course, you will be fluent in these competencies:

  1. International Recruitment and Selection
  2. International HR Administration and Shared Services
  3. International Staff Development and Talent Management
  4. International Compensation, Benefits and Pay for Expats
  5. Employee relations and risk management
  6. HR Information Systems

Course author - Mike Pritula
  • HRCI's official representative in the CIS
  • Personally facilitated the opening of test centres in Ukraine and Kazakhstan
  • HRCI International Trainer
  • Personally trained and guided 30 students from 10 countries through successful exams
  • No.1 Opinion Leader in HR in 2019
  • 15 years in HR Wargaming, Preply, iDeals
  • Top 10 HR in CIS
  • Since 2012 engaged in online training
  • Was the first to launch HRCI certification online courses in Russian
  • Over 5000 students trained on courses
  • Author of HR competency model
  • Author of the most comprehensive HR audit checklist
  • HR person of the year in Ukraine and Belarus
  • More than 100 published articles and presentations
  • Over 1.5 million views on articles
  • Author of a column on
  • Author of the book "Resume for a million
  • First to translate shrm certification competency model into Russian

by Headhunter Ukraine and Belarus

HR leaders by Headhunter


HRCI CIS representative
For whom the International HR and Certification Preparation course would be suitable
From HR Professional to Vice President
  • Experienced HR
    Having a certificate will confirm your level of HR knowledge and understanding of international HR. At least 1 year experience in the HR profession is required
  • HR Director
    Certification for your position is no longer just an advantage, but a requirement of today's world. 95% of Fortune 500 HR Directors are certified
  • HR Vice President
    You set the standard in the company and are a role model. You are the reference point for other HR. Having a certificate is a demonstration of your level
Student feedback
  • Finally passed the exam and <got> the magic word PASS!!!)
    It's been 3 days now, but I still can't believe I did it))
    About the exam: A week before the exam, I started to feel like I didn't know anything and I forgot everything I knew... The day of the exam in general was a horror for me. I was worried sick, couldn't study or concentrate. I decided to go to the exam centre beforehand and sit there)) . The exam started. After a few questions I started to think that I definitely will not pass and there was even a moment, honestly, when I thought it was better to leave and go out (do not do that under any circumstances). It's just that the exam, like Michael says, is not about specific knowledge, but about reasoning. So, if at first glance it seems that it doesn't look like what you passed, then don't worry.

    Good luck to everyone who is going to pass!!!!

    Thank you very much Michael and everyone who has shared their experiences (it helps).
  • Hooray! I passed the exam!!!!
    To say that it was hard for me to prepare is nothing to say.... what is called a complete information overload...
    Huge thanks to Mike Pritula for "chewing up" the material and helping me to prepare for the exam.
    Thanks to my husband for supporting me and giving me so much time for self-development! 💕
    Well, and of course, with these talismans from the kids, I just had to pass the exam😊
    P.S. If you dare to take this adventure - go for it! Everything is possible with systematic preparation! At least, prevention of Alzheimer's is guaranteed😉
  • Today is the hour X that I've been putting off for a long time😅, I finally passed the Exam, Hooraaaah!!!!
    A month of sleepless nights, sleeping in the arms of a Notebook 🙂
    Satisfaction complete, without preparation it must have been hard to pass, thanks Mike Pritula for your expertise 🙏

    Another DONE in my CHECK LIST
  • Colleagues, hello!
    I took the SPHRi last week and I want to share my experience.
    It was a successful strategy for me to answer all the questions I knew exactly, and then go back to the ones I had doubts about. There's about 40 minutes left on those.
    If anyone is interested in the details, please email me and I'll tell you.
    Have a great week and success everyone!
  • Friends, fellow certifiers, hello everyone!
    Passed the exam today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Of course, I'm happy!
    About the preparation:
    I decided for myself straight away - I'm going to trust Mike. Yeah, I've got loads of preparation material too, there's this huge, scary book....... But. I'm an entrepreneur. I have two businesses of my own. I really don't have time to study the opuses. Anyway, in the last 4 days before the exam, I've watched the course video 4 times. Tests passed 2-3 times (depending on the difficulty: the ones that were very easy for me, passed 2 times). But in those 4 days I did not think about anything else except certification. I mean, it is very important to focus, to put all my energy there.
    My conclusions:
    - prepare - necessarily, but not by the super-book, take the tests (at least a million times, the main thing is to "catch" this American....... approach)
    - trust yourself - you know everything and know how, there is no secret knowledge
    - consider victory on the shore - I had a very clear idea before the test how I would drink the champagne for the successful passing of the exam
    - gain experience - yes, experienced HR people are "doomed" to success
    Hugs to everyone and best wishes for passing the exam! It's a super high!
  • I passed the exam, hooraaaaaah!!! I am insanely happy about it as I managed to get into the hr spirit in the model that the course and exam demanded.
    I had long doubted whether to take the PHRI at all, as I am a newly minted HRD and can't boast of years of experience yet... In my company, no one wanted me to have a PHRI, it was my personal challenge and must have).
    The course was not given to me immediately to talk about a deep understanding...and the eternal business, work, family, sports... it was hard to devote the time I needed to study... I took the tests on time, but I didn't go into them faithfully...)))
    And then I decided that I needed that result; I was also inspired by Michael's advice: "of course, pass, you'll get it!
    I registered, paid for the exam, and chose the date of 29 April.
    Many thanks to Michael.
    Mike, you are, among other things, an inspiration to people, you are real! Thank you very much!
    By the way right now I am getting high on the HR-Director course, which is also led by Mikhail) then I will definitely be a business partner)
    Sorry, I've written a lot, but I couldn't help writing) good luck to everyone!
  • For me, this course was useful to learn a lot about international HR practice. To understand what differences there are between the principles of HR management in Russia and abroad. I learned a lot about recruiting, selection and assessment. I have understood that I have to improve my professional English. The lecture notes are very useful in the training process and for using them at the workplace.
    The only pity was that due to the time difference I couldn't take part in the lessons online, I had to watch them in recordings.
    HRD LLC Morskoy Trast

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