Modern Sourcer

Recordered online course with homework checked by Mike Pritula
6lessons to complete the course and obtain a diploma
✍︎ Homework check and ⎆diploma after the course
We open 1 lesson per week
Sourcing is the modern way of looking for passive candidates who are not found on job sites and making contact with them in order to interest them in your vacancy. There are many tools for sourcing, which we will explore in the online course

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Who is this course for
For those who are recruiting and want to learn a new tool for finding passive candidates.
For those who want to start a career in sourcing.
What the course will give you
You will receive a comprehensive set of sourcing knowledge, a ready-made set of tools and search queries that you only need to adapt to your needs
Recruiters who know sourcing usually get twice as much, i.e. $2,000 instead of $1,000. And beginners get $1,000 from the start and after the course they are immediately sorted out to work for the company
Difference from other courses
This is the clearest course on sourcing, with no water, maximum useful tools, homework checks and hints on how to solve your cases
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Course programme on Sourcing

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Class 1. Who is the modern sourcer
  • History of sourcing and resourcing
  • Competencies of a sourcer
  • Differences between a recruiter and a sourcer
  • Why sorser and resercer are not the same thing (or still the same thing)?
  • Example of sourcing plugins
  • Example of using ChatGPT in sourcing
Class 2. How to search for and find candidates
  • Preparing for the search, meeting with the hiring manager
  • Development of sourcing strategy
  • Boolean Search
  • Search operators
  • Advanced Search Operators
  • Advanced Search Queries
  • Iterative Search
  • Search By File
  • Search queries ready for your use
Session 3. How Boolean Search and X-ray work
  • Boolean Search
  • X-ray search
  • Search on Google
  • Using Google Custom Search Engine
  • Search for resume on Google
  • Advanced searches on Google
  • Google search tricks
  • Google's ready-to-use search queries for a variety of jobs
Class 4: Plugins and special sourcing sites
  • The most popular sourcing plugins
  • Overview of the different plugins and how they work
  • Installing plugins and setting up
  • Sourcing Accessories
Class 5. Search on the most popular websites and social media
  • Sourcing on Linkedin, Xing and Slideshare search
  • Search on Facebook and Instagram
  • Twitter search, Meetup search
  • IT search: Gitlab, Github, Stackoverflow
  • Search on non-standard resources: Medium, Wordpress, Reddit
  • Search for creative candidates: Dribbble, Behance
  • Search personal blogs and personal websites
  • Search from other popular sources
  • Search DOU
  • Full set of ready-to-use search queries for various resources
Class 6. Finding contacts and communicating with candidates
  • Search for e-mail addresses and websites for this
  • Finding phone numbers
  • How to send Linkedin messages to passive candidates
  • How to send emails to candidates
  • Ready-to-use search queries for contact details

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How the course about Sourcing is taught

Class on tape
You watch the recorded sessions at your own pace and study the material. We open 1 lesson per week
Homework checked by the course author
Each webinar has a practical task that you must do
A case study of the participants
We chat on Telegram and discuss participants' cases remotely
Getting a diploma
Students who successfully complete the course assignments will receive a diploma at the end of the course
Diploma of Sourcing Professional after completing the course
So coveted and valuable
  • Each diploma has a unique code
  • QR code on the diploma leads to the online version
  • Impossible to forge
  • Issued on a certified Accredible platform (the same place where Rosetta Stone, Google, Udacity, Kaplan University and others issue certificates), look at an example

Who leads?

Course author and facilitator Mike Pritula

  • No. 1 Opinion Leader in HR in 2019
  • HR Advisor
  • 15 years in HR Wargaming, Preply, iDeals, Starlightmedia, Alfa-Bank
  • Top 10 HR in CIS
  • Since 2010 in online training
  • HRCI representative in CIS
  • PHRi certified
  • Was the first to launch HRCI online certification preparation courses in Russian
  • HR-soft author and startup consultant
  • Over 5000 trained HR professionals
  • Author of HR competency model
  • Author of the most comprehensive HR audit checklist
  • HR person of the year in Ukraine (2018) and Belarus (2017)
  • Over 100 published articles and presentations
  • Over 2 million views on articles
  • Author of a column on
  • Author of the book "Resume for a million"

HR persona

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What's inside the course about Sourcer's work

Here is what you will get on the course
Intensive course work
In the course you are not a passive listener, but actively participate in chat during the class and between classes, and practice all the knowledge you have learned and receive feedback from the course author
You will receive a large number of proven tools that the author has tested in a wide variety of companies, many of which have been developed personally, as well as examples from top companies
Ready-made solutions
You don't have to develop all the solutions yourself. You will get ready-to-use solutions straight away, on a "take-it-or-leave-it" basis. Your only task is to adapt all the tools you receive to your company
We will have many examples and cases from companies in a wide variety of industries of how they have solved business problems using sourcing tools. You are sure to find many ideas for yourself
Homework assignments
In your homework, you will adapt all the tools and solutions to your business, and the course author will personally check how you did it.
Chat room
All students are added to a dedicated Telegram-chat where they can ask questions and get help, share experiences and find like-minded people and friends.
  • The course "Modern Sorser" helped me in my work, I have exceeded my plan to fill the vacancies by 2 times))) I know now how and where to look for candidates! This course made me look at the search for passive candidates in a new way, and how great it is to apply in practice what you know and what you have learned, and see the results.
    Olesia Larina
    KLYUCHAVTO Human Resources Manager
  • Understandable and productive course, it was interesting to learn alternative ways to search for candidates in addition to LinkedIn and classic social networks. Direction set, I will develop further. Thanks Mike Pritula!
    Oksana Lezhneva
  • Really interesting and useful tools, a lot of practice, little theoretical reasoning
    Elena Bykova
    Senior Consultant, RRC Consulting
  • Thanks to Mike for the practical approach to the construction of the course and the quality feedback on homework. Already in the process of training, the knowledge and tools obtained can be applied in the course of working on real jobs, and in the future you can make whole search maps yourself and share your expertise with your colleagues.
    Vera Rozhdestvenskaya
    IT Recruiter – МТС
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