HR Generalist

Recordered online course with homework checked by Mike Pritula
12 lessons to complete the course and obtain a diploma
✍︎ Homework check and ⎆diploma after the course
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From HR Manager to Head of HR

HR Generalist or as they say HR Generalist is the first step in an HR career

Training for the role in which you need to:

  • close vacancies
  • adapt newcomers
  • train employees
  • manage culture
  • create motivation programmes
  • keep records of employees
  • organise corporate parties

Are these problems familiar to you?
Are 90% of HR people familiar with them?
  • Having to be torn between recruitment, onboarding, development and employee motivation
  • Management asks to launch employer brand, describe company culture, build employee performance appraisal system
  • Employees are not motivated, resist change
  • Want to automate everything, but don't know how
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The HR Generalist is not just an HR manager, but an expert who possesses basic knowledge in several HR disciplines and is the only HR manager in the company. He is the prototype of an HR director
After the HR generalist training course
You will not only acquire a complete set of HR Generalist knowledge, skills and tools, but will also build your company's recruiting and onboarding processes, build your employer brand, and learn how to organise employee training.

But that's not all
You will also describe the corporate culture, create an offboarding process, develop your EVP and form a Total Rewards package

And most importantly
I will teach you how to align your work with the business, understand the business and employees, lead projects, sell your ideas to management and prove the effectiveness of your solutions

Career HR Generalist

HR Manager
Usually a HR-begginer or HR specialist who is only responsible for 1-2 functions, such as recruitment and training and has no particular knowledge of HR
Average income $500-$1000
HR Generalist (you are here)
This is the "HR Director in a single person" of a small company of 10 to 100 people. He most often does not have a team, but has broad expertise in all HR areas
Average income $1000-2000
Head of HR (or here)
Usually, it is the HR Generalist after the company has grown beyond 100 people. He or she already has an emerging team, so management skills need to be developed. HR expertise equals HR Generalist expertise
Average income $2,000-$3,000
HR Director
Usually in companies of 300 people or more. Manages a team of 5 or more people, focuses more on strategic issues and development of top management
Average income $3,000-$5,000

Why choose this HR Generalist course

There are many courses on the internet, what makes this training different
  • 15 years of practical experience
    Mike has worked for Wargaming, Alfa Bank, TV channel STB, Preply, iDeals. He was responsible for recruitment, training, motivation, remuneration, business partnerships. Created strategies, supervised HR work in several countries, worked with leading consulting companies: EY, KornFerry, DDI, SHL, 280Group, Ecopsy, Hudson and others.
  • International standards
    Mike is the author of the HR competency model built on the best international standards: CIPD, SHRM, HRCI, HCI. He also represents HRCI in Ukraine and prepares students for international certification. He teaches the Josh Bersin and Dave Ulrich approach and uses Mercer and Deloitte research
  • 10 years in online education
    Transferring knowledge and building skills in Online Courses is a talent not given to everyone. Mike has trained over 5,000 students, over 100 lecturers on his unique methodology, and are now leading lecturers at other online schools
  • The most up-to-date knowledge
    Every year there are many updates in HR, new research, tools, approaches. Books are published, competency models are updated. Mike is an active member of the international HR community, regularly updates his courses
How we teach
Recordered class
You watch the recorded sessions at your own pace and study the material
Homework checked by the course author
Each webinar has a practical task that you have to do
Getting feedback
Each homework assignment is checked personally by the author of the course and feedback is given. If necessary, he/she will ask you to improve it so that the result is of high quality and useful for your company.
Developing a skill
Through learning in the classroom and putting what you learn into practice, as well as feedback from the course author, you don't just listen to lectures, but immediately build skills and develop as a professional

HR Generalist course programme

Based on leading competence models

Payment - early birds

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Per 1 particiapnt
Diploma of HR Professional after completing the course
So coveted and valuable
  • Each diploma has a unique code
  • QR code on the diploma leads to the online version
  • Impossible to forge
  • Issued on a certified Accredible platform (the same place where Rosetta Stone, Google, Udacity, Kaplan University and others issue certificates), look at an example

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Who would benefit from this course
Your HR experience is between 0 and 5 years
  • No HR experience or have worked in HR
    This course will give you all the basics of HR work and enable you to successfully interview for a job
  • You are an HR manager,
    People Partner or Recruiter
    The course will not only give you a full understanding of the HR role in the company, but will also equip you with a set of useful tools
  • You are already an HR Generalist
    or Head of HR
    And you are already facing many different challenges. The course will not be just a toolkit, but a real partner in solving real-world problems
Course author - Mike Pritula
  • No. 1 Opinion Leader in HR in 2019
  • HR Advisor PeopleForce
  • 15 years in HR Wargaming, Preply, iDeals
  • Top 10 HR in CIS
  • Since 2012 engaged in online training
  • HRCI CIS representative
  • PHRi certified
  • Was the first to launch HRCI online certification preparation courses in russian
  • HR-soft author and startup consultant
  • More than 700 trained managers on People Partner and Total Rewards courses
  • Author of HR competency model
  • Author of the most comprehensive HR audit checklist
  • HR person of the year in Ukraine and Belarus
  • More than 100 published articles and presentations
  • Over 1.5 million views
  • Author of a column on
  • Author of the book "Resume for a million"

Feedback from HR Generalist students
  • The course is a bombastic one! In just 12 sessions I received an unreal amount of knowledge, both about the role of HR Generalist and what business processes they can and should be involved in. And the huge number of tools is something (by the way, very easy and understandable to use) - thank you very much for that! And even if you don't understand something, Mike will literally explain in two sentences: what, how and for what, in simple terms about the complex. A few classes during the course even touched the processes taking place in the company, so all the information was on time and as valuable as possible. So the 'course without water' is just about the academy of Mike Pritula! Thanks again!
    Recruitment & Adaptation Specialist. Admixer Ukraine
  • I really enjoyed the training, the content of the course, the homework and the individual approach to checking them. Mike's involvement and attention to even the smallest details was felt. Everything was clear, to the point and as applicable as possible. I have implemented a lot of what I learnt in my work and already got results 👍🏼
    Already started the next course and I recommend it to everyone!
    HR manager, Pure Beauty
  • I really enjoyed the training! Everything is clear, straightforward and the information is not to be found on the internet. The homework assignments are very cool, you can deeply pump up the knowledge you've gained and it stays in your head. Mike shares and presents information intelligently and knowledgeably, I would say - easily and professionally - BRAVO! I am more than confident that this is the first, but not the last course for me at Mike Pritula Talent Academy! After the HR Generalist course, I feel like a professional (I can do everything)). Thank you so much!!!
    HR Manager
  • This course is an incredible filler of practice and up-to-date theory. Every assignment in the company was useful and pointed out what to work with and how. At the end of the course I feel competent in HR topics and business processes. I am grateful for the valuable information from the academy and wish further development. And for those in doubt about whether or not to take the course, ask yourself: "do you know much?" probably not, there is never a limit to improvement and it's brave to learn trends in this area.
    HR Manager, but HR Generalist after the course, Pixelteh

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For communication and support, all participants communicate in a dedicated Telegram chat room.

How the class is going

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Time and place

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  • Place: online, classes on tape
    You watch the recorded sessions at your own pace and study the material. We open 1 lesson per week
  • Homework checked by the course author
    Each webinar has a practical task that you should to do
  • Getting a diploma
    Students who successfully complete the course assignments will receive a diploma at the end of the course
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