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✜ We specialise in finding and selecting ~300 of the best candidates for your vacancy.
✜ We work on a unique system and present the first candidates in 7 working days.
✜ In total we show ~20 candidates and work with you to close the position in exactly 30 calendar days
What's wrong with classic recruitment?
And that is why we work completely differently
1 Recruiter - many vacancies
It is common for an agency or inhouse recruiter to manage several vacancies. This way the agency or company is reassured and ensures that out of all the vacancies in the job, at least a few will close and the recruiter's costs will be recouped
The easiest vacancies are closing
When there are so many vacancies in the job and you need to show results - the recruiter takes the path of least resistance and closes the vacancies with the lowest requirements (burning), the most engaged customer and the most active candidates
Delayed deadlines and frustrated targets
All other vacancies, however, are delayed and not paid attention to. Paradoxically, these are usually the most important and business-critical vacancies with high demands and not so many candidates on the market
High cost of hiring
Because there are many vacancies in an agency, but not all are closed, the final cost of all the work of the recruiter and the agency is borne by the person whose vacancy has closed. This usually costs 25% of the candidate's annual income, which is between $9000 and $30,000, which covers all the risks and costs, but is this fair?
We are different from other recruitment agencies and this is how
1 Recruiter - 1 vacancy
The recruiter only handles 1 vacancy and is not sprayed with other vacancies. We simply do not give the recruiter any other vacancies
Sorting + Automation
We use modern search methods that are not used by 95% of other recruiters
Close in 30 days
We only work on the vacancy for 30 days and do the whole cycle of work
Tools for recruiting A-players
We carefully prepare the search application, work through the candidate's profile, develop the Scorecard
300 candidates at the top of the funnel
To close your vacancy, we find 300 maximum relevant candidates to conduct around 50 interviews, present you with 10 candidates and you hire 1
We scrutinise your vacancy and candidate profile to find the best match and ensure you are successfully recruited
Community and career
We build long-term positive relationships with candidates and support them once they are hired, helping them develop their careers
Our expertise lies in 15 years of HR and recruitment work and the best technology
Questions and answers
Here we have collected the answers to the most important questions
Is it possible to recruit several candidates from the same funnel?
Yes, in that case the client pays an extra $2,500 for each subsequent candidate hired after the first one
Are there any guarantees?
We guarantee that we will complete our work on time. As for the candidates themselves - we have no way of guaranteeing their work as we have no influence on the candidate's cooperation with the company and no leverage to retain them. If we are unable to retain a candidate, the company can hire other candidates from the funnel provided at a cost of $2,500 per hire
Is the recruited candidate excluded from the pool of candidates the agency works with?
Yes, we put the candidate on the stop list for 1 year or until the candidate leaves the company. If the candidate leaves the company earlier than 1 year, we will contact to clarify the circumstances before contacting the candidate again
What if the vacancy could not be closed within 30 days?
Our product is a Full Stack Recruitment service, but we have no influence over hiring decisions. We find the best candidates for your application, make every effort to matchmake your capabilities and the candidate's needs and aim to get the candidate to accept the Job Offer, but if you couldn't select a candidate from the offer - then there's something wrong with the application. If candidates are not interested in the vacancy - then there is something wrong with the offer. We will give feedback if we see early indications of such problems so that we can correct the search in time before the 30 days are up
Can we extend the work with the recruiter beyond 30 days?
Yes it is possible, this extension will be for new 30 days and will cost 5000$. Within the next 30 days we will find and process 300 new candidates (if there are so many on the market) or change the parameters of your application and re-process the candidates you found earlier with the new conditions. It is also possible to combine working with the candidates you found earlier and looking for new ones
Why 30 days?
That's how long it takes for 1 recruiter to close 1 vacancy by actively searching, without waiting for responses on Job sites. Anything longer is a waste of client and recruiter time, an inefficient process and makes the end result more expensive
How are you better than others?
Rather, we are different - we apply the latest techniques and technology in recruitment. We build recruiting in the right way
Can I hire a recruiter whose work I like a lot?
Yes, there is such an opportunity, provided that the recruiter is willing to work for your company. In this case you pay a fee of $30,000 to the agency, we value our employees very highly
Before you start working with us, check that all these conditions are met
Urgency - you are ready and eager to close within 30 days
Existence of a test task or questions/test to assess the candidate's professionalism
Willingness to cooperate (we expect a quick response to emails and messages, open dialogue)
Respect for candidates and recruiters, ethical working practices
Customer time
A clear understanding of who you need and for what business tasks
  • We search for suitable candidates in 30 days, present the finalists to you and help accompany the whole process to the Job Offer. After 30 days, our work is done.
  • The fee is $5000 and paid in advance.
  • Hiring subsequent candidates from amongst the submitted candidates costs $2,500 per candidate
  • Hiring the recruiter who led the vacancy costs $30,000
Work process

Filling out an application

After you have read the terms and conditions of working with us, you leave an application on this website
We review the application and issue an invoice for payment
Selecting a performer
We select the contractor for your application
Gathering information
We collect all information about the vacancy
Search for candidates
We apply sourcing tools to find the best candidates
Contacting and selling
We find candidate contacts and sell them your vacancy
Assessment and selection
We do the assessment, fill in the Scorecard and present you with the finalists
Job Offer
You interview selected candidates and make a Job Offer to the best candidate
Your engagement as a customer
This is what the process will look like from your side
Providing information on the application
At the start of the job, we will call you to gather as much information about the vacancy, the company and the team as possible. We will send you a questionnaire which you can fill in before the call
Initial assessment of the profiles
For the first call we will select 10-20 profiles to see if we have got you right, if these are the candidates we are looking for and ask you to evaluate these profiles
Developing a test assignment
We assess candidates' soft skills and ask questions about achievements, but a professional assessment will be required of you here, we will offer you to develop a test assignment for the candidate
Scorecard approval
We will compile all the requirements for the candidate into a candidate scorecard that you can approve. It is against this that we will assess candidates. You will see all the questions we will ask + we will prepare questions for your interview with the candidate
Interviewing candidates
After the search and selection process, we present the finalists to you and offer to have a chat with them. These are carefully selected candidates, so we expect you to talk to each
Selection of finalists
Based on the ratings given to all candidates, we will discuss the most attractive ones together and help you prepare a Job Offer, we will present your offer to the candidate and we will sell the vacancy
I'm a candidate, what do I get?
We build special relationships with candidates
Full job information
We take great care in drafting the vacancy text and strive to reflect all the important factors
Needs identification and talent test
We don't just sell you a job, we explore how (and if) the job can solve your problems and meet your needs. We offer a test to identify your talents
Full company details
We understand that you are not only choosing a job for the vacancy, but also for the company, so we carefully collect and present information about the company, the manager and colleagues
Feedback and advice
We give honest and sincere feedback and, if necessary, recommendations, we have nothing to hide from you
We add you to a private chat room where you chat with like-minded people about different career topics
Career guidance
We build long-term relationships with our candidates, so we are in favour of helping you build a long-term career and keeping in touch
I am a recruiter and I want to work with you as a team
Our recruiters are our greatest asset
An easy-to-understand process
We give you our ideal hiring process. There are no grey areas - everything is crystal clear
Normal load
You only manage 1 vacancy, which means you know in advance what you will do on each day and can plan your workload
Adequate customers
We only work with those who are cooperative, who have an urgent need to close a vacancy and who have paid for the service and are therefore interested in the outcome, not the process
Opportunity for growth
Over time, the most experienced recruiters will be able to manage more than 1 vacancy (without loss of quality for the client) and earn 2 or even 3 times as much
Worthy reward
We pay an honorarium of $2,000 per job, and given that the job is open for exactly 30 days, you get $2,000 for 30 days.
We are in favour of cutting-edge technology ourselves, so you will be using state-of-the-art technology in your work and evolving
Who runs the agency?

CEO and founder - Mike Pritula

  • No. 1 Opinion Leader in HR in 2019
  • HR Advisor PeopleForce.io
  • 15 years in HR Wargaming, Preply, iDeals, Starlightmedia, Alfa-Bank
  • Top 10 HR in CIS
  • Since 2010 engaged in online training
  • HRCI CIS representative
  • PHRi certified
  • Was the first to launch HRCI online certification preparation courses in Russian
  • HR-soft author and startup consultant
  • Over 5000 trained HR professionals
  • Author of HR competency model
  • Author of the most comprehensive HR audit checklist
  • HR person of the year in Ukraine (2018) and Belarus (2017)
  • Over 100 published articles and presentations
  • Over 2 million views on articles
  • Author of a column on Lifehacker.ru
  • Author of the book "Resume for a million

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