Payment was successful!

Congratulations! Your payment was successful. Very soon you will be contacted by our Support team via Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp and signed up to the group
What should be done next?
Nothing more is required of you at this stage. We have received your payment information with contacts and will text you soon on Telegram, WhatsApp or Viber
How soon will I be contacted?
We will usually contact you within 24 hours of payment. If more time has passed and we have not yet contacted you, please let us know here
What happens after the payment is made?
We will give you access to the lessons within 24 hours of payment. You will be taught in comfort and you will do your homework, which will be checked by the course author
Where will the course materials be stored?
All webinars are stored in your personal account and are available for 1 year for repeat viewing. The presentation and supplementary materials, homework assignments are also stored there.
Where can I find the class schedule?
You will have all the course materials available in your study room. You can study them at your convenience and in any order you like.
Do you issue a certificate or diploma of completion?
All course students who successfully complete all homework assignments receive a diploma
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