Hello! ✨ We offer you to hire our recruiter

We offer outsourced recruiting services. You hire our experienced and trained recruiter for a fixed fee per month and manage him/her as your employee, while we mentor and develop him/her
about us
Mike Pritula ~20 years managing recruiting, his teams have closed more than 5,000 jobs
3 main advantages of working with us
Better with us than without us
  • -1-
    Cost reduction
    Our services are cheaper than recruiting agencies, and sometimes even cheaper than hiring additional recruiters on your staff
  • -2-
    Improved quality of recruitment
    Our recruiters are continually trained and tested by Mike Pritula Academy and are therefore in the top 5% of most experienced recruiters
  • -3-
    Process acceleration
    We work through a unique hiring process that we have developed and it ensures high speed compared to a typical hire
How it works
Signing the contract
We sign a contract with you and you make a payment 1 month in advance. Then you pay every month thereafter (always pay in advance)
Onboarding our recruiter
You introduce our recruiter to the team, company, culture, processes, business goals and all the other context needed for the job
Recruiter closes your vacancies
The recruiter works like your normal recruiter, the difference is that the processes and training are provided by us + there is a limit to the number of vacancies at a time
Cost of services
We work on full prepayment for 1 month in advance
Junior Recruiter
per month
Middle Recruiter
per month
Senior Recruiter
per month
What will be required of you
Our relationship is bilateral and that's what we're counting on you to do.
  • 1
    Meet the recruiter
    We will give you the opportunity to get to know the recruiter before you start work
  • 2
    Include the recruiter in internal processes
    It's important to include your recruiter (and after the hire, it's no longer just ours, but yours) in team meetings, chats, events
  • 3
    Pass on recruitment requests
    It is important for our recruiters to get quality recruitment applications and to be able to discuss them with the customer
  • 4
    Provide an opportunity to publish vacancies
    Our recruiter works on your behalf, publishes vacancies on your resources, lists your company on Linkedin and promotes your employer brand in every way possible
  • 5
    Time in the calendars of managers
    Managers and everyone involved in hiring must be willing to give sufficient and timely attention to the recruiter
  • 6
    We expect your attitude towards our joint recruiter to be as warm and partner-like as possible with your internal employees
Features of the work
Working remotely
Our recruiters work remotely, we help monitor their efficiency and effectiveness
Promoting your brand
Our recruiters act on your behalf, for the candidate it's a seamless experience, for you it's about building a long term relationship with your target audience
Filling your CV database
We work in your ATS system if you have one or can recommend a convenient system if you don't have one
You can pick up our recruiter
This will cost you 6 monthly payments. For example, if you take Junior Recruiter, it costs you $12,000.
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